February 15, 2023

Dear Residents, Resident Representatives and Healthcare Personnel,

On the evening of February 14, 2023 fire personnel responded to a fire incident at our building. Upon the alarm sounding, local fire departments and emergency medical services responded within minutes and the fire was extinguished. As per our emergency preparedness plan and per the direction from the Dallas Fire Chief, all residents on both floors were temporarily evacuated to a different zone of the building behind fire doors away from the kitchen pantry on 2nd floor, where the microwave oven caught on fire.

The Fire department opened all windows in the dining room and set up exhaust equipment to ventilate the room.  All residents and healthcare personnel are safe and there were no injuries. Our healthcare team members from all departments along with Fire personnel acted swiftly and quickly during the incident.

We are grateful and appreciative to the family members, healthcare personnel and local Fire and EMS for all their support during this incident.


Cristina Tarbox, LNHA

Cristina Tarbox, LNHA, MHA, MPS

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator