The Place for Recovery

The Meadows is proud to offer inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation on campus. Services are available 7 days a week and open to everyone who needs assistance after an illness or surgery leaves them in need of recovering. Our dedicated rehabilitation team specializes in assisting you in your journey to return home.

Rehabilitation Services At The Meadows Campus

Explore what our rehabilitation centers have to offer below.


Inpatient Therapy

The very best care, right on campus at The Meadows Rehabilitation Center.


Outpatient Therapy

Now available at The Meadows Manor. Open to all members of the community.

Why Choose The Meadows Rehabilitation

Top Rated Short Stay Quality

Our highly trained and certified therapists are there for you every step of the way!

Meet Our Team

Focus On Returning You Home

Whether its walking, dressing, bathing, or stairs; all our patients have shown an increase in their ability to do these things independently.


Discharge To Home

The majority of our discharges are able to return back to their home in the community.


Patient Improvement

87% of patients improved their independence and regained function when compared to the National average of 73%

All Services Available 7 Days/Week

Speech, physical, and occupational therapy when you need it

Respite Care Services Available

For those in need of rehab after surgery