Meadows Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center

Quality Assurance/Assessment and Performance Improvement Plan (QAPI)

Our QAPI plan was developed using a systematic, interdisciplinary, and comprehensive approach. It is evolving, data-driven and proactive.  QAPI principles will drive our decisions to make and promote excellence in all resident and staff related areas. Our goal is to enhance safety, quality of life, and quality of care while maintaining a keen awareness of the uniqueness of each of our residents.

Our Plan is based upon the following Guiding Principles:


1. We use quality assurance and performance improvement to make decisions and guide our day-to-day operations.

2. The outcome of QAPI at Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is to improve the quality of care for our residents and quality of life for our residents, their families, and our care team members.

3. In Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, QAPI includes all employees, all departments, and services provided.

4. QAPI focuses on systems and processes, rather than individuals. The emphasis is on identifying system gaps rather than on blaming individuals.

5. Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center makes decisions based on data, which may include the input and experience of caregivers, residents, health care practitioners, families, and other stakeholders.

6. Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center sets goals for performance and measures progress toward those goals.

7. Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center supports performance improvement by encouraging our employees to support each other, and to be accountable for their own professional performance and practice.

8. Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has a culture that encourages, rather than punishes employees who identify errors or process issues as an opportunity for improvement.

 We welcome your suggestions to assist us in meeting our goals for QAPI. If you have any questions or would like more in-depth information please feel free to contact our administrator, Cristina Tarbox at (570)675-8600 Extension 102.










Cristina Tarbox, LNHA

Cristina Tarbox, LNHA, MHA, MPS

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator