Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Emergency Preparedness Program

Our Emergency Preparedness Program describes our comprehensive approach to meeting the health, safety, and security needs of our residents, families and team members during and after an emergency episode. The plan is implemented by a multidisciplinary team representative of all departments in our facility. It is reviewed annually and revised as needed.  Using an all hazards approach our plan encompasses four core elements:

  1. Based upon an All Hazards Risk Assessment

Complete an all Hazards Assessment initially.

Develop emergency plans for the highest risk occurrences as indicated by the  assessment

Repeat assessment annually and revise plan if indicated by the reassessment.

  1. Includes Policies and Procedures

Address subsistence needs, evacuation plans, and procedures for sheltering in place, as well as tracking of residents and staff if the nature of the emergency necessitates evacuation out of the facility.

Review and update at least annually.

  1. Has a Communication Plan

Outline a system to contact staff, medical providers, and any other necessary persons in a timely manner to ensure continuation of functions safely and effectively.

Provide for co-ordination within the facility, across providers and with state and local public health departments and emergency management systems

Review and update plan annually as indicated.

  1. Addresses Testing and Training

Offer training and testing program education on hire and annually

Participate in emergency drills to demonstrate knowledge of procedures at least annually.

Conduct drills and exercises to test the plan as per regulations.

That is a brief overview of the Plan. If you have any questions or would like more information please feel free to contact our administrator, Cristina Tarbox at 570-675-8600, Extension 102.









Cristina Tarbox, LNHA

Cristina Tarbox, LNHA, MHA, MPS

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator