June 27, 2024


Dear Resident, Resident Representative and Healthcare Employees,

Individuals entering facility MUST continue to adhere to infection control measures at all times, which include cough & respiratory etiquette, masking as required & hand hygiene. Visitation is permitted, but please note you are entering at risk to your own health! The last positive case was 6/27/24

As of 6/27/24 @ 1:00pm there has been the following positive case(s) since initial outbreak:

6 Residents have tested Positive for COVID-19
3 Residents have recovered from COVID-19
2 Center Staff have tested Positive for COVID-19 while working during their infectious period** This number includes Ancillary staff, volunteers and/or vendors working in facility.
1 Center Staff have recovered from COVID-19
0 Resident has passed away while positive for the virus

Why wash hands for 20 seconds?

Scientific studies show that you need to scrub for 20 seconds to remove harmful germs and chemicals from your hands. If you wash for a shorter time, you will not remove as many germs. Make sure to scrub all areas of your hands, including your palms, backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your fingernails.


As a reminder, if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 OR other respiratory illness do NOT visit. Please note when there is an OUTBREAK, which is considered one (1) case, the Facility website and Meadows Information Line will be updated weekly. For updates during an outbreak either call MNRC Information Line (570) 675-8735 or check our website for updates: https://themeadowsdallas.com



Cristina Tarbox, LNHA, MHA, MPS


Diane Brink, R.N., Director of Nursing