July 8, 2024

Dear Resident, Resident Representative and Healthcare Employees,

Individuals entering facility MUST continue to adhere to infection control measures at all times, which include cough & respiratory etiquette, masking as required & hand hygiene. Visitation is permitted, but please note you are entering at risk to your own health! The last positive case was 7/8/24. There are several active cases of the virus on 2nd floor.

As of 7/8/24 @ 11:00am there has been the following positive case(s) since initial outbreak:

14 Residents have tested Positive for COVID-19
6 Residents have recovered from COVID-19
10 Center Staff have tested Positive for COVID-19 while working during their infectious period** This number includes Ancillary staff, volunteers and/or vendors working in facility.
2 Center Staff have recovered from COVID-19
0 Resident has passed away while positive for the virus

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) is a disease caused by a virus named SARS-CoV-2. It can be very contagious and spreads quickly. Over one million people have died from COVID-19 in the United States.

COVID-19 most often causes respiratory symptoms that can feel much like a cold, the flu, or pneumonia. COVID-19 may attack more than your lungs and respiratory system. Other parts of your body may also be affected by the disease. Most people with COVID-19 have mild symptoms, but some people become severely ill.

How does COVID-19 spread?

COVID-19 spreads when an infected person breathes out droplets and very small particles that contain the virus. Other people can breathe in these droplets and particles, or these droplets and particles can land on their eyes, nose, or mouth. In some circumstances, these droplets may contaminate surfaces they touch. Anyone infected with COVID-19 can spread it, even if they do NOT have symptoms

As a reminder, if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 OR other respiratory illness do NOT visit.  The Facility website and Meadows Information Line shall be updated weekly during an outbreak. Please call MNRC Information Line (570) 675-8735 or check our website for updates: https://themeadowsdallas.com .  If you have questions, please contact Stephanie Eicher, LPN, IPC Nurse at ext 148.


Cristina Tarbox, LNHA, MHA, MPS


Diane Brink, R.N., Director of Nursing